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Funny Dogs and Their Bones

Monday, January 18, 2010

Emails to my Dad, Gram and Best Friend, January 17, 2010 (last night)
Email 1: Funny Dogs
I just have to laugh at them. I gave them yummy bones tonight. Razor immediately ran upstairs with his and Booker hunkered down in the living room. They were so happy they didn't even ask me for dinner until 7:30 p.m.! About an hour after dinner Razor got tired of his and decided he wanted hers, so I shut the bedroom door with a shoe in the opening. The thing is, Brooke knows how to push the door open to come in when she wants, but Razor hasn't figured out that trick yet. When I went to the bathroom I saw Razor's little head sticking out the door, if he'd just moved a little bit he could have gotten out, so cute! Finally, Brookie decided she wanted to come upstairs and pushed the door open just enough to come in, and of course Razor immediately ran out to go down and get her bone while she quickly grabbed his. Moments later I heard the loud "bang, bang, bang" as the one he tried to bring upstairs went bouncing downstairs when he dropped it. But he finally made it up here, and now I have 2 happy doggies happily licking away while I read and watch The Golden Globes. I can't help it, they just amuse me.

Email 2: Funny Dogs part 2
Brooke wanted water. Went to the bathroom, by the time we got back Razor had stolen his original bone back.

Email 3: Funny dogs part 3, still laughing
I put Brooke's original bone back in her bed. She was slow to get back from drinking her water. He jumped up and grabbed it again and tried to hoard both bones. I gave it back to her. He stole it again! Good thing she has a mommy to stand up for her. Now he's just giving her the evil eye.

Phone Conversation with Dad this morning:
They slept all night and seemed to have forgotten. But after I fed them Razor raced immediately upstairs to grab his again. I was in the kitchen for a few minutes and when I came out I saw that Brooke had apparently run upstairs and brought hers back down, because there she was licking away again! And now I just looked up and somehow Razor has managed to get both bones, again. These 2 just crack me up!!!

A few minutes later: Brooke came upstairs to reclaim her bone.

A few minutes after that: Razor got up to stretch and Brooke jumped up and claimed both his bed and bone. He wouldn't settle on her bed and stared her down until she got up again. Poor baby was so sad :(

And now Razor is sleeping with his bone.

I always say that when the dogs make me laugh it's "paying the rent." These guys have managed to rack up a lot of credit in the last 2 days!


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