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Easy Chicken-Vegetable Soup Recipe

Monday, January 11, 2010

Unfortunately, I cannot find the original recipe with additional nutrition info or the lovely picture. But this is pretty close to the original, which I think was from Cooking Light or Simply Light or something non-heavy. Of course you can add or subtract any items as you wish. Fresh veggies are a bonus, but frozen is a great option if you haven't been able to make it out to the store. Veggie boullion or broth would be fine instead of chicken as well. I also usually double the recipe to have lots of leftovers. If so, my favorite substition is to use one can of crushed tomatoes and one of diced tomatoes with hot peppers, a lá Rotel. It makes a nice tomato broth with a tiny bit of a kick. If it gets too stew-like overnight or after defrosting, adding more broth is an easy fix.

Prep 5 min  -  Cook 40 min  -  serves 7 (1 cup each)

1      c    chicken (2 breast halves)
1/4   c    onion, dried minced
1      T    bouillon granules, chicken flavored
1      t    basil, dried whole
1      t    paprika, mild
3/4   t    garlic, instant minced
1/4   t    pepper, black
1      c    carrots, sliced
1      c    corn, frozen
1      c    peas, frozen
1      c    green beans, frozen
1      C    mushroom stems and pieces, drained, 8 oz
1      C    tomatoes, crushed, undrained, no-salt-added, 14 1/2 oz
2      t     wine, dry red, Burgandy or other dry red wine
3 1/2    c    water

combine in 6 qt stock pot:
    corn, onion, peas, tomatoes
    basil, bouillon granules, garlic, paprika, pepper
bring to a boil med-hi
cover, reduce heat, simmer 10 min

cook chicken in mic in baking dish hi 3-5 min
dice chicken

add carrots to pot
cover and simmer 10 min
add mushrooms,  chicken and wine
simmer, uncovered, 8 min

81 calories per cup


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