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Review: A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Perfect Blood (The Hollows, #10)A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn't have the problem with the introspective tone of this book that some reviewers had. After everything that Rachel has been through, if she hadn't been thinking some serious thoughts about her situation I think I'd be complaining about how shallow she is. I like the character development that Harrison is bringing to series. Rachel started out so young and brash, and now she's still bold and brave, but it's being tempered with wisdom and experience. 

So again, some people seemed to think that the beginning of the book was slow, but I liked it. I liked seeing the consequences of what coming out as a demon, plus just the chaos of the recent events in her life, means to Rachel's life. Smaller but really frustrating things like not being able to get a driver's license because she can't be listed as human, witch, vampire or were. Emotional things like having to ask her ex-boyfriend, Marshall, to invoke some charms  because her blood is too skewed toward demon now and it won't invoke complex witch charms anymore. She doesn't know any other witches since her mom moved away, showing how isolated she's become, that she has to call the ex who deserted her when she was shunned. And big things like how the F.I.B. and I.S. kept demanding that she provide a list of the curses she can do so they can blame her if something happens because they don't trust her, even after everything she's done for them over the years. It's no wonder that the woman has a lot on her mind, even before she finds out that a hate group that targets non-humans is calling her out specifically and torturing people to do it. 

I'm not saying it was a perfect book by any means. I hated when Rachel ran away from her bodyguard, that was childish and annoying, not bold. And there were several lazy things that went on that bugged me writing-wise. But overall I thought it was fun. I liked seeing Rachel trying to figure our what it means for her to be a demon in the human world. I really liked the developing relationship with Trent, I always have. I liked the new character Wayde. The action was good, as usual. There were a lot of good quotes that captured the characters throughout the book, great funny lines. For the tenth book in a series I'm pretty impressed that there's still such a strong story arc with character development not only for the main character but also for the supporting cast. And I'm definitely still interested to see where the author takes us next. 

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