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Library Loot February 26, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

I missed a few weeks of posting my library loot, but this week was too fun for me to miss. For one thing, I went out in a snow storm to get (most) of it. I found out later that the schools had been closed, which doesn't happen much here, off the shores of Lake Erie. Good thing my branch is near by, I was safe and so were my books. I admit it, it was Flirt that got me there. It's the first Anita book by Laurell K. Hamilton that I haven't bought. I just can't rationalize hardback prices for her anymore. Especially for this tiny little book, really more of a short-story or novella. Not $24 worth. But I still wanted to read it, and suffered when so many Twitter friends bought it and loved it, so I went out in the storm to get it when it became available. I guess I'm still a fan. It was very good, if very short. I picked it up on Friday and returned it on Saturday because I know that hundreds of other fans are waiting for it.

For another thing, it was a great week on the ebook front; I was able to borrow 3 great ebooks from the library to read on my nook! I pasted images of the books onto my pile so that they could be included in this post, it seemed appropriate. I think they should still count, even though they aren't physical books. And this is my blog, so they do. Ah, the power...

I was really happy to borrow Dan Brown's over 500 page book and to be able to read it comfortably on my nook. It was a real example of why getting the nook was a smart idea for me. Especially after shoveling snow, my bad shoulder really needed the break from paper books! And I just enjoy the whole concept of borrowing ebooks from my library, it feels like everyone wins. I wish I could afford to buy every book that catches my attention, but it just isn't going to happen. But the libraries are a huge support to authors and publishers. And I really like supporting my local libraries, they are just wonderful and a real life-saver to me. Plus reading on the ebook reader is more comfortable for my body and my eyes (I really miss being able to adjust the font when I read paper books). And ebooks never smell like cigarettes, like one of the books I had to return unread recently because it just stunk.

As for the paper books in my haul, after Flirt, I'm most excited about the Norman Rockwell book. I read about it in a review and was really intrigued. I didn't know that he took pictures before making his paintings, and the book is the first to explore his photography archives. There are even many before and after shots with the photos and paintings. Should be fascinating! And at $40, another book I couldn't afford but am thrilled to borrow from my library.

I was happy to see the Ace of Cakes book on the feature wall at my branch; it has been on my to-read list and there it was, like magic! I'm also looking forward to exploring the book about organizing by Peter Walsh. I saw him on yet another talk show and figured it couldn't hurt to check it out and see if there is anything helpful for me.

The book about puberty by Lynda Madaras was quite good, useful both to tweens and their parents and friends. And the space research guide by Mary Pope Osborne should be interesting, especially because my littler guy is reading it too.

A great haul this week, plus I still have a pile of books from the last few weeks as well. So I'd better stop typing and start reading!


Greytfriend April 17, 2010 at 1:00 PM  

I love your blog Cathy!
Can you tell me and my brother how you did this?

Your old friend,

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